Sarah Elizabeth Jordan


Ever since a young age, I found makeup and makeup FX to be a world I could not resist. From discovering the proper technique for placing bald caps on my best friends, to formulating the perfect color palette for my big sister's wedding; the journey from a make-up enthusiast to trained makeup professional has been a venture of both love and excitement.

Since 2005 I have worked professionally as a makeup artist. My start in the business began in the fast-paced environment of a local theater. I also took on freelance jobs from time to time. However, realizing the creative potential in this field, I decided to get serious about developing my craft by attending film school.

In 2006 I applied to the Vancouver Film School and was accepted. My studies required mastering a wide range of skills with special emphasis on makeup
design for film and television. On campus I was known as smart, friendly and level-headed - able to handle pressure. I was elected class representative by my classmates and helped organize a number of industry-related events on campus.
Within weeks of graduating in 2008, I was offered a makeup effects job at Alahouzo's FX Studios in Athens, Greece. While in Greece, I continued to refine my skills and build a portfolio which now includes work for some of the most recognized and famous names the country.

Currently residing in the United States, I am looking to become part of team where I can make meaningful contributions to the success of a project. As an artist who creates makeup FX and prosthetics for theater, television, film and fashion, I'm confident in my skills and in my ability to consistently deliver the 'looks', 'feelings' and 'emotions' which are required.